Is it safe to use tingle creams on sunbeds?

I use a sunbed for a few minutes each week and I apply a 'tingle' cream for a faster tan. The cream makes me feel like I’m burning, but I've been told this is only a sensation and it isn't dangerous. Is this true?

Tingle creams stimulate the blood flow, which can help to speed up the tanning process. Some people find the resulting sensation pleasant, whereas others do not. The sensation is generally described as hot, and sometimes itchy, lasting for up to an hour.

Since the cream speeds up the tanning process, the amount of time spent on a sunbed should be reduced, otherwise you’ll be increasing the risks from exposure to the UV (ultraviolet) rays used in a sunbed.

Obviously you can use a sunbed without the tingle creams, but there are still health risks. Read more about the dangers in our article here.

If you’re still concerned about these risks, or you’re getting a lasting rash from using the creams, I would advise that you discuss it further with your doctor (GP).

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