Be a fighter - put down the lighter!

Smoking is addictive and though there are many side effects, people still do it to help them relax. It was a huge challenge for my dad to quit smoking but I couldn't be happier that he has finally managed to stop.

It all started when I heard the great news from my mum that she is pregnant :) Mum and I were extremely happy but she was worried about my dad's continuous smoking and whether it might cause the baby to develop asthma. She was worried about me too as studies have proven that children are more likely than average to become smokers themselves.

So, how did my Dad quit smoking? With a lot of support from the family and his GP he managed to overcome the triggers that made him want to smoke. He made a list of reasons why he should quit smoking, such as the effects of smoking on his health and well-being, and that of the people around him.

He didn't quit in a second or in a day - it took time. Patience is key. My dad slowly cut down on the amount of cigarettes he smoked in a day. Then, finally, a day came when he didn't even realise he hadn't smoked a single cigarette the whole day. Three years later he still hasn't smoked another cigarette. The baby is healthy and my parents are really happy. And as for me? I will not be influenced to smoke!

Published on 13-Mar-2017

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