Be prepared

Moving from a small village in the Welsh countryside to the big smoke of London... I was a bit overwhelmed.

don't follow me. i'm lost.

I moved out for university, as many that age do. After dreaming of London life for so long, I was there - but clueless.

In my first week I was rather confused by most things, particularly doing things independently. I could cook and clean, but it was more the day-to-day management of life I struggled with.

I was used to my parents providing my meals, buying the food, sorting out any faults to objects, forcing me to wake up for school and even things like taking care of my possessions. I remember getting on a bus for the first time without an Oyster card, asking for a "return ticket, please." I received a snigger from my flatmates whilst the driver grunted over a ticket,.

In my first week at university, I had somehow managed to forget to turn up to any inductions, lose my debit card, drop my phone down the loo on a night out. With being so far from home I started to panic and really regretted my decision to move so far, I NEEDED MY PARENTS!

But I gritted my teeth and got on with it (after a lot of positive encouragement from my flatmates and family). My advice would be to be prepared to look after yourself, it's really amazing to have all that independence from your parents. But they also do quite a lot that you may not notice, make sure you know how to cook the basics, learn how to clean your sheets / clothes, prepare yourself that not everyone will be nice and offer you help.

Finally, know who you can rely on when things get tough, as they come in really handy when things start to epicly fail!

Published on 17-Mar-2016

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