Change: moving out

Change - the only thing about life that doesn't, well...change.

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Kevin is a counsellor from Australia. He believes that shared human experience is powerful, & healing. So is a cup of tea, music, & Jaffa cakes mmm.

Change. The only thing that is constant in life. Yet as humans, we like to imagine ourselves impervious to it. We slather on anti-aging creams, we inject ourselves with harmful chemicals, we hold on tightly to concepts like forever, eternity, and infinity (and beyond). So it's no surprise that us humans, homo sapiens: don't like change, and seeming as one's home is an important foundation to our lives. Put the two together, and it can be quite a daunting task.

The key? In my humble opinion - know thyself, and be kind to thyself. I'm someone who loves new experiences, and I've lived abroad four times in my life, and in different continents. Australia, Asia, North America, South America, and Europe. What was most helpful for me was to reflect to on how I manage change throughout my life: in my relationships, jobs, studies, etc. I knew that it takes me at least 3 - 6 months to feel settled, I knew that if I stayed at home all the time, I would be pulled into being homesick - so I took myself out.

I understood that it took several months to get used to being alone, but once I hit that threshold - I loved it.

What was helpful was that I drew on family, friends, a new music track, and a new book to decorate the new path/journey I was on.

Rituals such as farewell parties, housewarmings, and personal rituals in the way of reflecting through my experience, expressing gratitude for the opportunity to evolve, to learn, and to change. These were/are extremely helpful to me.

For one day we're all going to have our lives flash before our lives. Let’s make our lives an epic. A classic. A performance worthy of an Oscar.

What are your rituals for change?

Published on 18-Mar-2016

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