Coming out through a fall out

Hello there, reader! Yes, the title is true - I came out during a fall out with one of my friends ?

To cut the story short, I was testing out if I liked girls or not by dating one of my friends. Yes, I broke dating rule no.1: never go out with a friend but don't judge me, okay? Anyway she texted me saying "you're a slut and you make me wanna kill myself ." Obviously, me being me, I cried. My sister saw the messages and called my parents. I was scared. I didn't want them to know about what had happened, so I made up a lame excuse that it was some rumour. My father asked my mother how she felt about this and she said "I do not care if my child is bisexual, I care if her friend is calling her bad stuff and making her cry." So I responded: " well I am bisexual." And that' s how I came out.

Later, after a talk with my grandad, I found out that I am actually a lesbian. My grandad is the best - he helps me with all my problems. I don't think my family are ready to hear my full coming out story, so they still think I'm bisexual. Honestly, I think it frightens them; whenever I label myself as gay they always chirp in quickly with - "she means bisexual."

I'm now living a care free life open to my school and half-open to my family. I'm in a happy relationship with my girlfriend and I couldn't ask for a better life. I just wish I'd chosen the time when I came out to my family, as it felt like how it happened wasn't my choice. But it happened and if it hadn't I wouldn't be where I am today - sharing my story with you, my dear reader. Enjoy your life and always live in the positive side of the battery. Don't pressure yourself to come out and don't be ashamed. If anyone causes you any problems then just tell me - I'm always up for a fight! Goodbye dear reader.

~Sincerely, your favourite gay

Livvie xox

Published on 13-Feb-2017

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