Coming out... twice

I had to come out to my family twice, the first time as Pansexual and the second time as their transgender son

I came out to my mum as Pansexual at the start of February 2016, so I was 14 years old. I told my mum because at the time I had a girlfriend (I was identifying as a girl then) and I was spending Valentine's Day with her and it looked really weird getting my "friend" loads of cute little gifts, so I decided to tell her when I was on the way to get her some little gifts.

The second time was almost a year after, it was that same year but December 19th. I was buying my first chest binder and I told my mum I was using it for musical theatre to play boy roles. I lied of course cos it was easier. Soon enough I told her the truth but I was being a little pussy and didn't tell her to her face. I wrote her and my dad a letter basically saying that I was and still am transgender and wish to live as Sam, their son

Published on 09-Apr-2017

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