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This is an article of significant acts of violence against LGBT people in the UNITED KINGDOM ONLY. Let’s start from the begging, shall we?

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In July 1950, a man named Kenneth Crowe, was drowned to death because he
was caught wearing his wife’s clothes.
In 1962, a man named George Brinham was killed in his flat by a young man, who claimed that George had proportioned him. Unfortunately, the young man was not found guilty. In 1989, a gay barrister named Christopher was murdered him in his own home because he liked the same sex. He didn’t do anything wrong. He was minding his own business when he was unexpectedly stabbed to death.
On the same year, Henry Bright was also stabbed in his own home. He was stabbed in December, which is the month of Christmas and celebration I believe. It’s also the month that I was born.
Now In 1990, a hotel porter named William Dalziel, was found unconscious on a roadside in west London. He suffered major head injuries. I’m guessing you all know how that happened?
Micheal Boothe, who was a gay actor, also died in the same year and city as William. He was beaten to death by a gang of six men. Fortunately, he managed to give a brief description of the attackers before he died. Was there any justice for him though?

Now cut three years later where it’s the year 1993, Colin Ireland who was a 43 year old man killed over five gay men. He would pick up gay guys from the bar and take them to their houses to kill them. He was jailed for life. But the thing I wanna know is why? Why would he waste his time? Maybe he really was gay...or just twisted. I still think he was secretly gay but hid it for reasons we don’t know of.
There were five more recorded murders over the years 1993-1999 but let’s skip to the 20th century.

In the year 2000, Damilola Taylor, I’m sure many of you have heard of the name Damilola Taylor, was attacked by a local gang in south London. Now I studied his death for a short period of time in English while I was at school. And I found out that he was only 10 years old when he died. He wasn’t born in England. He came over from Africa and he was bullied almost every single day, the bullies at his school would call him “gay” and his mother, god bless her, was trying to tell the teachers about him being bullied, but the teachers never took it seriously. From the days leading up to his death, he had spoken out about this vicious attacks and the domestic abuse but no one took it seriously. That’s the true reality of it all. Some of you cared, but non of you cared enough. Let’s cut to 2002, the year I was born. Geoffrey Windsor, a 57 year old man who was known to be gay, died of head injuries. And the list goes on and on and on.

They killed him because they were afraid. Every single person who is on this list was killed because of fear. The killers were afraid of them, and they’re afraid because of what their churches/parents tell them and because of what they see in movies. It’s fucking ridiculous. We need to move away from labels because they segment, and they lead to persecution. People don’t wanna be perceived as gay, because they’re afraid they’ll end up like Kenneth, George and William and everyone else on this list and even off this list too, because there was just too many to put on here. Sorry.

But then again, identifying as gay is being part of a community, it’s recognition, it’s progress. People should be proud to be gay...wait. Actually no. They shouldn’t be proud to be ‘gay’ they should be proud to be themselves. Gay and straight are social constructs. We need to put out the message that being attracted to the same sex doesn’t define who you are. 90% are some poor teen with religious parents. Fucking Christian fundamentals should burn in hell....
Okay my bad I was just caught up the moment. But do you get it? Being ‘gay’ is not a problem. Being yourself is not a problem. The only prisons that exist are the prisons that we put each other in. Just stop. Stop it now.

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Published on 24-Nov-2017

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