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I'm bi-sexual and I was scared about telling my family.

Me and my dad have always been close and I was scared that if I told him he wouldn't like me very much anymore. He always went on about how weird it was to have 2 men together so I asked what he thought about 2 women being together. He said he still felt it wasn't right but that 2 men together was more weird.
I had a rough day at school and ran away just before my birthday. The police found me and took me home. It's only me and my dad at home as him and my mum split up 12 years ago. He could tell something was bothering me so I wrote it all down. I wrote about how I was depressed and upset and then at the end I put: I know you find it weird but I'm bi-sexual. My dad read it when he got home and told me he would always love me n matter what. At the moment it's only him and my nan that know but I'm hoping to tell my mum soon. I've always been close to my dad and I feel so much better now for telling him.
I was so worried and in reality, I had nothing to worry about. Good luck to anyone who's planning on coming out. Believe in yourself and if you can't say it, write it down, e-mail it, text it, or write it.

Published on 26-Nov-2017

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