I missed my mum and dad.

The first time I moved away from home, I was so excited to gain my own space, away from my parents, and as an independent young woman.

I won't lie to you all, I missed my parents within the first week. I just about knew how to do a quick wash on the washing machine. I had no idea how to turn the heating on. And the most British horror of all, there was no kettle, so it took a good 10 minutes boiling a pot of water to make tea. Honestly, I never appreciated the bank of mum and dad more. Or coming home to a home cooked meal. Now, I had to plan my meals, go grocery shopping?! Outrageous. Where was this money coming from?

The morning after a night out were the worst, where I would wake up and everything was a mess, no mum to clean it up for me, and make me a fry up. I wouldn't even have the ingredients for a fry up, because I didn't plan for this?! But parents.. parents plan for everything.

And don't get me started on the first time I saw a spider in my room!!!

In all honesty, things are way better now. My diet doesn't consist of oven pizzas and chicken nuggets (not all the time anyway). I have a routine, I can make honest, reliable and sensible "adult" decisions. Of course I miss my parents, but I can see/speak to them whenever I want. I understand the value of money so much better now. The most precious experience everyone should encounter.


Published on 20-Nov-2017

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