Joining the army

I joined the army at the age of 16 back in 1977 something I always wanted to do

The day before my parents helped me pack as if they couldn't get me out quick enough. Polish check, washing kit check. New underpants check all set and ready to go. Next morning having near being away from home before and having never been any distance on a train before I was dropped off at the station and waved off to fend for myself. ( in tears I might had). I spent 2 hours passing stations with other young lads signing up but all sat in silence. We arrive at aldeshot to the sight of corpals sounding out orders all over the place scare I find my bus and am taking to my new home. A room that I will share with 7 other lads not allowed out of barracks for 6 six weeks. They gave us hell 2 years later training finished next move Germany for 2 years. I never looked back and 14 and a half years later guess where I ended up that's are back home but not for long 1 month of being home and I need to move out as they are doing my head in. Moral of the story once you make the move there's no going back

Published on 09-Nov-2017

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