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my coming out story has a happy ending unlike some. i am a 16 year old and i am a lesbian. i came out about a 2 months ago now, and at first i just told my close friends. they were so supportive and very interested in the subject. for me i was lucky, most of my friends were going through the same thing or had already come out. in total there were 7 of us. about a month later i visited my biological family (i'm a foster kid) i sat my mum down and told her. she told me no matter what my kids are or who they're with, i will always love you no matter what, we also knew there was something anyway. i felt great coming out and not having to hide who i was. the best way to come out, is first come out to yourself and make sure you're OK. then take deep breath and as much time as you need. there's no rush. when you are ready tell your family and friends in your own way and time. the best outcome is that they will love you and accept you. the worst they might not like it or agree with it, but they will always love you. and if your friends and family don't like it, you will always have support around the world from other in the LGBT community and our allies. never be afaid of who you are, it's your destiny

Published on 27-Feb-2017

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