My Revision Experience

I absolutely HATE revising but it helped me achieve the grades I needed for sixth form, where I'm studying Health and Social Care (level 3).

Let's just say, the series Prison Break took over my life. I had no intention of revising and my mind wasn't focused on how well I'd do on my GCSEs. But I came to a point where I realised I really should take it more seriously, as it would affect my future if I failed. Most importantly, I really didn't want to retake any exams because that would mean even more effort revising!


Bring out the flash cards, colour coding, anything to help you revise. DO NOT STRESS! Yes, GCSEs can be scary and you want to do your best but stressing won't help. When sitting the exam focus on what the question says, clear your mind and focus on what is written on the paper.


Surprisingly, after all that revising I passed! However, I wish I'd revised earlier on rather than leaving it until the last minute; I might've been able to get a higher grade like an A*, but I'm proud of a B/C.

Published on 23-Jan-2017

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