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Hi, I am moving all the posts from the The Mix’s sister website Madly In Love to Your Voices.

I've put my playlist together, reflecting my life as it’s been in the past and as it is now. I was diagnosed with PTSD a couple of years ago. I had the symptoms years before but I just didn't know why I felt the way I did.

I chose the first two songs in my playlist to show my thoughts about what happened, I still have these thoughts sometimes, definitely not as much as I used to.

Songs 3, 4, 5 and 6 show my thoughts on that I can change my life. What happened when I was younger doesn't have to define me or control my life but at the same time changing my thoughts on certain things isn't going to be easy. Realising this has brought the biggest change for me so I chose 4 songs out of the 8 for this.

The last 2 songs represent my good days which I'm having more of now. I'm now controlling my anxiety a lot more than my anxiety controls me, being able to do things I never thought I could and being more carefree.

This post was written by Nadine and originally appeared on The Mix’s sister website Madly In Love.

Published on 12-May-2016

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