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It's one of those days. Everyone has one of those days. When you fall out of bed in the morning, someone left the PEANUT BUTTER KNIFE IN THE JAM JAR, you realize you have to turn in that essay that you thought was due NEXT Tuesday, only to realize it IS next Tuesday. But worst of all. Worst of all. There that person on the bus sitting next to you who keeps talking to you, even though you obviously put the headphones on as a polite way of saying "Go away." GET A HINT ALREADY. This is a half hour playlist, to get you through that journey to school.

The songs in this playlist are all songs that either make me happy, or make me laugh (especially that last one). I made it today, (or yesterday? I dunno, I'm doing this at some unholy hour) to drown out the sound of my grandmother yelling at me, which only made her yell even more because I kept laughing my arse off at the last number.

Published on 02-Aug-2016

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