The ultimate sitting on the fence

How I came out as pansexual, agenedered and polyamous...

When I told my mum 'I'm pansexual' she laughed in my face. Not because she's being mean or offensive or anything, but because she thought I was sexually attracted to kitchen utensils. After some googling, explanation and helpful YouTube videos, she finally got that not matter gender the person was or where they were from, I could love them and be attracted to them. My friends were a different story however....

A lot of people in my friendship group are already a part of the LGBT community in various forms, but it hurt when my best friend called me a selfish liar because I was polyamorous. For those of you who don't know, it means that I can be attracted to more than one person at any time. In my current relationship this isn't a problem because there is a LOT of trust in it, but to people looking in, quite often they think it's just an excuse for cheating. I haven't pursued this in a while but my friend still thought I was making excuses for anything that might happen. She wouldn't talk to me and this made my friendship group really awkward.

We've gotten over this though. Thinks aren't what they used to be but they're getting better. To any of you coming out, or having a hard time questioning, don't be afraid to experiment but do it with other people in mind. Come out only when YOU are comfortable, because at the end of the day only you truly matter.

Published on 01-Mar-2017

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