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If you're feeling stressed get help from someone who has a lot of patience.

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Exams were always a huge stress. I found that the best thing was getting help from someone with a lot of patience (in my case my mum) to run through things with me in the days before. She would think of ways to quiz me on the subject and come up with helpful ways to remember the answers - tying them to personal events in my life or words that rhymed, things like that. It would always help lead me to the answer in the actual exam.

I would say don't stay up all night. At some point you just have to have faith that you know what you're going to know and it's better to have a good night's sleep and feel rested for the exam the next day. To avoid stress, just remember that you've studied and done a lot of hard work. That you're going to do the best you can and that it's not the end of world if you fail. If you keep that in mind then you usually will do better than you think!

Published on 03-May-2016

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