Unfortunate events

It's all fun and games moving away until something unexpected occurs.

It is a great experience moving out and being independent. You feel like nothing can go wrong! But when you think that, something always does. Doesn't it? You forget a payment, you have piles of washing up that you haven't got round to! You realise clothes don't wash themselves and suddenly your wearing dirty clothes just so you can wear something!

I thought it would be wonderful moving out, but I never knew how many bills and chores there would be! But don't fear! You get the hang of it! Eventually...

I've had so many issues recently that I don't even know where to begin. I have had mould grow in bathroom and spread to my bedroom; I was ill for weeks! It all began in November and since then (March), they have only just fixed and replaced all the leaks. Fours leaks! And they thought I was crazy? The one thing I learnt from this is don't give up and make yourself heard. They would have happily let me stay in a rotten place and keep paying full rent! But stand your ground! Make friends with a plumber and bobs your uncle!

Don't worry, your never alone! There's always someone in the same situation, or even worse. Enjoy the fun and freedom. It is a learning curve for us all when we leave our parents home!

Published on 21-Mar-2016

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