Period sex

Can you have sex on your period? Is it safe? Are you bothered by it? There are so many misconceptions about period sex, so The Mix is here to clear them up … using a wet wipe.

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Shag away, you cheeky lot.

Why don’t people have sex on their period?

It’s fair enough. You’re bleeding from your fanny, you look 64 months pregnant, it feels like someone’s kicked you in the vagina and your womb feels like it’s clawing its way out of your body. You don’t really want anyone near your nether regions and that’s totally ok. You do you.

Some religious people don’t believe in having sex on your period as menstruating women are seen as ‘unclean’. It was also once believed that menstruating women could contaminate semen and therefore produce disabled children, which is obviously not true.

How period sex can be a good thing

All the hormonal activity that ramps up during your period often results in you being a lot more horny. So, having sex can be great and even better than when Niagara Falls isn’t in your pants. Naturally, there’s a lot more moisture going on during your period too, which means natural lube. Handy.

Having sex on your period can also relieve cramps due to the oxytocin, dopamine and endorphins released during orgasm, which are natural painkillers. Think of how much money you could save on Ibuprofen.

Orgasms also cause the uterus to contract, which dislodges the lining that makes its beautiful appearance during your period. This means that having sex can shorten the length of your period as it shifts the lining faster.



Despite sex on your period being fine, frisky, and full of pain relieving goodness, it doesn’t come without some risks.

  • Increased risk of STIs: Blood-borne diseases, like HIV, are naturally more susceptible to transmission due to a period because … well … blood. The blood flow is also a nifty carrier for viruses, so it’s probably a good idea to wear a condom.
  • Pregnancy: Although the chance is small, the myth that you can’t get pregnant when on your period is simply not true. The only 100% effective contraceptive is ditching shagging completely, as we know, so there is always a risk. Sperm can live in the body for up to seven days after sex, and that could cause the slight issue of a small human, especially if you ovulate early.


If you fancy having a bloody good shag, here are some tips to prevent any red alerts:

  • Wear a condom. First and foremost, as we’ve said, cover it up. As well as saving you from any infections or tiny children, it may also stop your dick looking like it’s done a murder.
  • Put a towel down. To save any washing of sheets, get an old towel out and shove it under your bum.
  • Prepare the wet wipes and tissues. Before you get down and (not) dirty, have some wet wipes and tissues to hand for after the event for any clean-up.
  • Shower sex. If you’re still worried about the mess, being on your period is a perfect time for sex in the shower. No mess, extra lube, and you smell a lot nicer afterwards, too.

Having sex on your period, or their period, can be more awkward and a bit of a faff. But do remember that if you want to shag someone and you tell them you think, essentially, that their body is gross when they’re on their period, you probably ain’t ever getting any ever again.

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Updated on 23-Dec-2015

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