Sex on the beach

Sex on the beach - cocktail, cheesy pop song, and holiday fantasy. But make sure you stay safe making that fantasy a reality.

Footprints in sand

Embrace the sand.

Choose your spot carefully

The smell of the ocean and the sound of the surf can be a turn-on, (providing you’re not by a sewage outlet) but getting caught in a compromising position on a public or private beach is not at all as thrilling in real life when the police become an active audience. While they are more likely to tell you to cover up and move on, you could get arrested and fined for “lewd and lascivious behaviour” public nudity, or trespassing, depending on local rules and regulations.

Wear sunscreen

Although most sandy sex takes place at night, during the day areas of your skin not usually exposed to the sun can be burning in the time it takes to do the deed. Even if you apply sunscreen to those sensitive bits, it takes at least 30 minutes before you’re protected. To keep it spontaneous find a shady place under a tree or in a cave!

Sand vs pebbles?

If you have your choice between soft desert island sand or the stones of a cold Cornish beach, go for the smoother, less abrasive version. At the time you may not care, but your summer wardrobe may be packed away while you hide your cuts and bruises in polo-necks. Best to use a blanket. Still, makes a change from carpet burns.

Be careful where sand ends up

Even with a blanket sand and sweat rubbing between your bodies can cause problems. Sand in the vagina, or in and around the opening of the penis, can be incredibly painful, during and after sex.

There is also the potential for abrasions to the skin in and around the vagina, which increases the risk of contracting an STI. Sand can tear the condom, also upping infection risks and the potential for pregnancy. Wiping sand away with a wetwipe can help, and urinating after sex is the easiest way to wash sand out of the urethra.

Sex in the sea

Sex in the sea introduces water laden with bacteria into the vagina, so it isn’t a good idea. This puts you at risk for urinary tract and other infections. Plus, if you’re using a condom with spermicidal gel the seawater can wash the spermicide out.

Sex in religious countries

Not every country is as tolerant as the UK when it comes to sex in public. In fact, sex on the beach – in some holiday destinations – could land you in prison.

If a seaside shag is a real fantasy of yours, make sure you look up the laws of your holiday destination on their embassy website. Dubai, for example, has even made a do and don’t list to help tourists navigate their strict laws. Remember, it’s their country, their rules. Respect them (even if you don’t agree with them) and you should be fine.

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Updated on 29-Sep-2015