How to give the best blow job

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What's the secret to giving and receiving great head?

What’s the secret to giving and receiving the best head? Remember, giving good head is a two way thing, you both need to be comfortable for it to be an enjoyable experience. With that in mind, here’s The Mix’s guide for how to give the best blow job – for both giver and receiver.

How to give the best head

  • Blow his mind
    If you’re happy to go down, don’t lose sight of what’s going on upstairs in their head. Frankly, you’re tugging at their brains down there, so pay attention to every moan or groan they give. The better you understand each other, however, the more comfortable you’ll feel.
  • Take control
    Many people gag at the idea of going down on a dick. Even if it’s clean as a whistle, there’s always the fear the owner will forget themselves, leaving you to deal with an out of control organ with no apparent off-switch. The Mix suggests you grip the penis head as you approach it, and hold it there in a ring formed by your thumb and forefinger. Once it’s in, feel free to place your hands around the shaft of the penis. This gives you control, allowing you to determine how much you want to take into your mouth.
  • Use your mouth
    What goes on when you’re down there is entirely up to you. Some people use their mouth as if it were a hoover. Others employ their tongue to great effect. Many do a combination of the two. Just be aware that there is no industry standard blow job technique. Do whatever feels comfortable, and gives you both the greatest satisfaction. Playing with their other erogenous zones. Kissing. Nibbling. Licking and sucking. Even humming a note with the head in your mouth. Whatever you do, they won’t complain!
  • Take a breather
    Giving head is not an endurance test. You are doing it to them, and not the other way round, so if you want to come up for air then do so. If anything, it’ll give them time out to appreciate what you’re doing.
  • Ball control
    If the penis is a motor, the balls are the gear shift. Gently cupping the testicles will widen the area of sexual pleasure, and can even intensify the orgasm.
  • Ultimate control!
    Even if they’ve reached the moment of no return, never feel obliged to let them climax in your mouth. It’s your decision, and is entirely determined by how comfortable you feel with it. If you want to swallow, that’s fine. If you don’t, that’s fine too. If you’d rather take the penis out of your mouth then the same sentiment applies. Whether you choose to go down for a second or so, a minute or more, or all the way to the end, no blowjob is ever incomplete. Nor is it a compulsory act, and no one should think any less of you if you choose to keep your head held high!

Blowjob advice for blowjob-receiver

  • Keep it clean
    Anyone who’s gone down on an uncircumcised penis will tell you that there’s nothing worse in this world than an unwashed dick. Smegma bacillus, or knob cheese, is a waxy white deposit naturally secreted by the penis glands. Failure to wash underneath the foreskin can lead to smelly bacterial growth, not to mention serious problems securing a blow job. Keep it clean using unperfumed soap and water. Also be sure to dry the head thoroughly afterwards to prevent bacteria from thriving.
  • Don’t force the issue
    So you’re sharing an intimate moment. You’re both turned on like the National Grid, and sex is on the cards. So, don’t ruin the moment by placing your palm on the crown of their head and slowly pressing. If they feel comfortable going down there, they’ll venture south on their own accord. As so many people have told us, there’s nothing worse than someone who expects a blowjob.
  • Be fair
    If your partner does feel comfortable with oral sex, then consider returning the gesture. The more you share, the more rewarding it’ll be for you both.
  • Praise the performance
    Tempting as it is to lie back with your eyes squeezed tightly shut, your partner will appreciate some recognition for their efforts. Be encouraging. Be respectful. Be the one who leaves them feeling as good as you.
  • Leave them to call the shots
    Just because your partner has consented to give you a blowjob, don’t assume it means they want to go all the way. It may be a dream come true for you, but not if it leaves them gagging or nauseous. So talk it through with them, even if it is a running commentary. If you’re about to ejaculate then tell them, or at least signal that it’s about to happen. Always let your partner decide whether to stay down there for the main event.

How to give a good blowjob safely

Remember, it’s not just penetrative sex that transfers STIs. You can catch chlamydia, herpes, syphilis and gonorrhoea from having unprotected oral sex. The HPV virus, which can cause warts and (though rarely) cancer, can also be caught from having oral sex. Make sure you’re protected and practice safe oral sex by using a condom or dental dam. Check out The Mix’s safe sex resources here.

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Updated on 26-Jan-2023