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Throughout my professional and personal life I’ve had amazing connections, varied opportunities for great and interesting conversations.

My feeling is that the more I share and inquire, the more I learn, develop, and understand myself and other human beings, and more importantly – our shared human experience.

But for many, talking about the more intimate parts of their lives is not something that comes naturally. If anything, it’s frightening and it feels risky. But sometimes we need to share our feelings and secrets with someone.

In my opinion, life is a balance of pain and pleasure. I don’t think you can have one without the other. So why are we held back? Why do we censor ourselves? Why don’t we reach out?

It could be that we fear rejection, being pushed aside or labelled as crazy. It may be that we don’t want to admit something even to ourselves. But more often than we realise people can feel lonely, sad or isolated.

Bottling up emotions and thoughts can lead to higher levels of stress, anxiety, depression and even disrupted sleep. Simply put, it impacts your wellbeing!

So take courage. Have a good think about someone you can trust and who will understand, and you may find yourself pleasantly surprised. I’ve learnt that the more you put yourself out there, the more you find that other people feel exactly the same way.

So how can you start? Here are some of the ways you can begin to be more honest with yourself and others:

  • Keep a journal. Research has found that 15 minutes of writing a day can lead to lowered levels of stress and anxiety. This could help you make sense of seemingly ‘messy’ thoughts.
  • Talk to a friend. We’re human, and social support is a vital part of our health and well-being. Reach out to a friend you can trust – maybe a family member, a partner, or your best mate. It’s simple, but not many of us do it enough.
  • Search online. Technology is at our disposal, so use it! Do some research on how you’re feeling, educate yourself and reach out to organisations that could support you, like Get Connected.

Speaking of support – that’s what we do best at Get Connected. I’m part of the counselling team, delivering free telephone support when it suits you. We give you a confidential, safe space to talk about things you perhaps don’t feel comfortable speaking to your friends about. Whatever your worry, no matter how big or small it may appear, we’re here to help.

This post was originally part of the Get Connected website. YouthNet and Get Connected merged to form The Mix in 2016.




Published on 13-Nov-2015