The importance of conversations when you’re madly in love

Talking to loved ones about how you’re feeling can really help, but that doesn’t make it easy - Madly in Love can help.

Alex Hopley
Digital Marketing Officer

Let’s talk

To coincide with the month of love, we’re relaunching our Madly in Love campaign to help young people talk about their mental health with the people they care about. Madly in Love provides a platform for you to open up and tell others about your experience with mental health in, or out of a relationship.

It’s difficult to build up the confidence to tell someone you trust that you’re not ok. Finding the courage to have that conversation can make you feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders and help you process what you’re going through.

You spoke and we listened

On The Mix, we’ve seen that mental health issues can affect young people’s ability to have healthy romantic relationships. There’s also evidence amongst 18-25 year olds that being in a relationship can help people maintain a better state of mind.

As a response to this need, young people told us they wanted a website that deals with mental health and relationships in a non-judgemental way. They asked for something that can help them communicate with their partner and gain confidence being single. That’s where Madly in Love was born.

Relationships, like everything in life, have their ups and downs, so we want you to share the good stuff and the bad stuff about mental health – tell us how it affects love, sex, dating, single life and relationships. Knowing that you’re not alone can be really empowering – the experiences you share could help others going through something similar.

Musical therapy

We all express ourselves in different ways, and the same can be said for dealing with mental health. Listening to music is a powerful outlet – whether you listen to something relaxing or an intense track that helps you let it all out. That’s why you can enter Madly in Love with a playlist that sums up your mood or helps you feel better. If you prefer to express yourself with words you can tell us about your Madly in Love experience in a blog post.

We need to talk openly about how we’re feeling – so let’s see those Madly in Love posts to end the stigma around mental health. Submit your entry as a playlist or blog and you could win a year’s Spotify membership and £100 worth of gig tickets.


Published on 10-Feb-2017