The Mix responds to the Prime Minister’s promise to overhaul mental health care

Ollie Drackford
Head of Marcoms
Mental health overhaul

The Mix welcomes today’s pledge by the Prime Minister to transform attitudes towards mental health and to tackle the challenges facing mental health sufferers as part of her vision for a Shared Society.

In a speech delivered at the Charity Commission AGM in Central London, the Prime Minister recognised the importance of addressing the mental health of children and young people. She promised:

  • Teachers at every secondary school would be offered mental health first aid training to support pupils
  • By 2021 no child will be sent away from their local area to receive treatment for mental health issues
  • The publication of a new green paper in 2017 on children and young people’s mental health designed to “transform services in education and within families”
  • A new strategy around suicide with a focus on reaching young men

Along with plans for interventions around the work place, housing treatment of debt and community services, The Prime Minister also recognised the impact of digital in the support of mental health promising £67.7 million would be focused on producing digital tools to help people support themselves.

Through our helpline, counselling and online services we have seen increasing demand for our mental health support amongst young people. We have seen a 15% increase alone in the last 3 months. We hear from young people daily, telling us that there is not enough available support, and there are higher thresholds before support is given, by which time it may be too late.

This generation of young people – likely to be the first generation worse off than their parents – are facing a hothouse of issues. These issues – including increased pressure to do well at school, spiralling university costs, and a lack of jobs and housing – are all putting increased strain on their mental health.

Now is the time to invest in young people’s future. That starts by ensuring their ability to cope with the challenges they face are strengthened – and that they are fully supported with their mental health throughout their transition from adolescence to adulthood.

Chris Martin, CEO of The Mix says: “We welcome the Prime Minister’s vision for the Shared Society that seeks to end the injustices faced by those struggling with mental health. In particular, we are pleased to see the importance of early intervention around the mental health of children and young people being highlighted, as well as the recognition that digital tools can make a key contribution to support well-being of the nation.”

What The Mix would like to see happen now: 

  • The Government’s commitment to improving mental health support is crucial – but investment in services like The Mix is key.
  • We would like the Government to work closely with mental health services, who work daily with young people struggling with their mental health, to help deliver the best support for this generation.
  • Working with schools, the NHS and on the ground are only parts of the solution. Many young people’s first port-of-call with an issue they face takes place online. Online services therefore need to be an integral part of any future mental health plan.
  • Further promotion of impactful consortium efforts within the sector, such as the Heads Together initiative, continue to reduce the stigmas around mental health.

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Published on 09-Jan-2017