Don’t just stop at January

As January draws to an end, you may start to loosen up on all the good habits from your 'New Year, New Me' resolutions. YouthNet has a few tips to make sure your good habits aren't just for January.

The Mix Staff

In January, most of us are really motivated to get fit and healthy, spend more time with our friends or finally start those side projects we’d been planning, but it’s quite easy to slip back into bad habits when February and March come around.

Here are a few of our tops tips for making sure your good habits aren’t just for January, taken from our guide to life, TheSite.

Make it a part of your routine and don’t break it

Now, we don’t mean you shouldn’t rest as it’s nice to have a little time-out from exercise or eating healthily, but be careful! Taking too long a break might mean you slip back into your old routine. Be realistic and figure out how your New Year’s resolutions can fit into your lifestyle, even when it gets super busy – that way you’ll have no reason to stop.

Ask a friend to join

It’s much easier to stick to a New Year’s resolution if you drag a friend along with you! Ask one of your friends to join you on your quest to keep fit and we are pretty sure you’ll be keeping it up for longer. You may even want to do this as a bonding task – perhaps pick a friend that you wish you could see more often but never have time. Hey, you could even kill two New Year resolutions in one go.

Small reminders

Write down small reminders on why you chose your New Year’s resolutions and why it works for you. On the days when you really can’t be bothered, you’ll be able to look back on the reason you began and all the great benefits it’s had since you started. We hope these tips help and you continue to carry your good habits into February.

However, if you’ve really struggled this year, why not watch our video and pick a few easy win New Year resolutions next year:


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Published on 02-Feb-2016