Self-harm blog week: Keeping the conversation going

The Mix Staff
Self-ham awareness day 2014

All this week we have been sharing a series of blogs by young people and professionals with experience of self-harm in the lead up to Self-harm Awareness Day (1st March 2014).

Our focus on self-harm this week has been part of a campaign to raise awareness about the key situations and feelings that lead young people to self-harm and share some thoughts and experiences on different coping techniques or distractions.

As part of our joint charity survey we asked young people what messages about self-harm they’d like to share with the world. We received almost 3,000.

Here are just a few:

“We are all fighting our own battles and we are all strong enough to win. We just need to believe.”

“There’s no shame in seeking help- it’s better to talk to someone instead of keeping it all inside.”

“Parents-don’t expect your child to know all the answers to your questions, they probably don’t know themselves. Just listen.”

“People who self-harm aren’t doing it for attention, that’s the last thing they want, they just want someone to talk to and help.”

We will be supporting a self-harm Sunday Surgery special with
Radio 1 this Sunday, 2 March- tune in from 9pm.




Published on 28-Feb-2014