Summer of Self-Love

It's the Summer of Self-Love. Time for some well-deserved TLC.

Françoise Facella
Communications & Events
Look after yourself, love yourself

Summer is a time for firsts; whether it’s your first love, first heartbreak, first holiday with friends or your first time at a festival, it’s an exciting time to explore. It’s also important to love and look after yourself because summer can be stressful. Our summer wardrobe can reveal more of bodies than we’re used to showing. In summer, we’re bombarded with new experiences, worries about the year ahead and exam results are around the corner. That’s why we’re running the Summer of Self-Love campaign to spread the self-love message.

At The Mix, we’ve seen how the events of this year have affected young people. We experienced a peak in demand for support after Brexit, Trump and the latest attacks on Manchester and London. We know that young people have to cope with a multitude of roadblocks in their way and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better; a lack of jobs, homelessness, social pressures to fit in and rising debt are all a major worry for young people. As a result, these struggles impact young people’s emotional and physical well-being.

Summer of Self Love Logo

We heard young people in the UK telling us that they want to feel comfortable with themselves, to be themselves and to love themselves. They want to do this to improve their self-esteem so they can deal with the obstacles that life throws their way.

The Summer of Self-Love campaign promotes self-care, body positivity, diversity, self-acceptance, respect and freedom. Our aim is to offer information and support to young people so they can make informed choices, and look after their mind and body while having a great summer.

We’ve already delivered exciting initiatives. Summer of Self-Love has taken over The Mix website and we’ve launched the Self-Love UGC campaign, inviting young people to share what they love the most about themselves. We’ve created new video content with Harnaam Kaur, a body positivity activist, and have buddied up with Kiss FM to share festival tips. We were also on site at Splendour festival and British Style Collective to share the self-love message. This is just the beginning. Expect social live events and more content created with key partners on and offline.


Published on 27-Jul-2017