It’s OK not to be OK

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Last year Get Connected heard from more young people who were feeling suicidal than ever before. So many young people turn to us when they are feeling low and don’t know where to get help – sometimes it’s hard to keep dark thoughts at bay and they feel like they just don’t want to be here anymore, but reaching out is the first step towards feeling better.

Often when we ask a young person if anyone knows how they feel, they say no. So why do they suffer in silence? Many people tell us they’re worried about hurting friends and family if they reveal that they have considered suicide. Fear of being judged, labelled an attention-seeker or just not being believed are also barriers to young people reaching out for help when they might need it the most.

It’s okay not to be okay, and it’s a brave step to look for help. At Get Connected we can talk you through your options if you feel depressed or suicidal, and believe us – there are lots of people who care and want to help you.

Maybe you’d like someone to talk to anonymously, or someone who can provide practical steps or advice, like trained counsellors. We can help you find local or national support and you could talk over the phone, online or in person – whatever you feel comfortable with.

If you or someone you know is feeling low and you want to talk to someone about it, we’re here every day from 11am – 11pm. We’re here to listen, we won’t judge you and we’ll talk you through your options so you can figure out your next step.

Other people to talk to include:

Call 0800 068 41 41
Text 07786 209 697

Call 08457 90 90 90
Text 07725 90 90 90

This post was originally part of the Get Connected website. YouthNet and Get Connected merged to form The Mix in 2016.


Published on 04-Dec-2015