Our exploration stage into hidden homeless in young people.

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Project Flow


Methodology – Define the project


We started our research by conducting an extensive literature review. A list of the sources we reviewed:

  • Young, Hidden and Homeless – Crisis Report.
  • Statutory Homelessness in Britain – Chapter 12: The experience of young people accepted as homeless 16-17 year olds
  • Housing Options and Solutions for Young People in 2020 – Joseph Rowntree Foundation, June 2012.
  • Young People and housing: the need for a new policy agenda – Joseph Rowntree Foundation, Nov 2010.
  • A young people’s charter on housing – Joseph Rowntree Foundation, Nov 2010.
  • Housing choices and issues for young people in the UK – Joseph Rowntree Foundation 2008.
  • Young People’s Housing Transitions – Joseph Rowntree Foundation, Nov 2008.
  • Britain’s Hidden Homeless and the Death of Michelle Conroy – Guardian Newspaper.
  • Growing up in social housing in the new millennium: Housing, neighbourhoods, and early outcomes for children born in 2000.
  • Statutory Homelessness in England: The experiences of families and 16-17 year olds.
  • A cross-cohort description of young people’s housing experience in Britain over 30 years:
  • An application of Sequence Analysis
  • LSE: Growing up in Social Housing in Britain
  • LSE: Cross section of Young People’s Housing Experience in the UK – Ruth Lupton
  • Handling Challenging Contacts – The Samaritans
  • Improving the Safety of Homeless Young People with Mobile Phones – Values, Form and Function. Jill
  • Palzkill Woelfer, Amy Iverson, David G. Hendry, Batya Friedman, and Brian T. Gill.

Methodology – Gather insight from young people




Methodology – Co-create Support Eco-system Part 1)



Methodology – Co-create Support Eco-system (Part 2)



Published on 07-Nov-2015