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We’ve just had news of a really exciting development! Get Connected has been selected to receive financial support from the Cabinet Office and Nesta’s Centre for Social Action, which means we can begin to recruit remote volunteers to work on our support services from home as well as from our support centre.

We currently have one support centre in London, with almost 100 trained volunteers to support the entire UK.

Demand for our service is growing all the time, as youth services disappear across the country and a variety of pressure mounts on young people from lots of different sources.

To make sure we help as many children and young people as possible, we need to recruit more and more volunteers to work on our support services across all channels.

We want to mobilise people’s energy and talents to directly help up to 35,000 vulnerable children and young people a year through our support services, plus an additional 250,000 through our website and our free help app.

Our remote volunteers will be our Digital Connectors – the lifeline between a vulnerable young person and the help that could make all the difference to them. Interested?

Anyone who would like to volunteer with us from the comfort of their own home to answer pleas of help via web chat and email can apply now for our comprehensive training courses from February onwards. We look forward to working with you to support more children and young people that ever before!

This post was originally part of the Get Connected website. YouthNet and Get Connected merged to form The Mix in 2016.




Published on 19-Dec-2014