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Holiday time

This will be our final blog of 2015, so firstly I’d like to say a huge thank you to our amazing volunteers. Each and every one of them does a fantastic job of supporting young people through all sorts of situations, every days of the year. We truly wouldn’t be able to offer our service without their support, so I can’t thank them enough!

Our service supports so many young people every year, and a listening ear can make all the difference for someone vulnerable or struggling with something difficult, unexpected or life-changing.

Alison, a volunteer for the last four years who regularly gives up her Christmas Day to support children and young people in crisis, says: “For some young people Christmas and New Year can be the loneliest time of year. There are many things that can mean young people have a tough time over the holiday period, but I think it’s particularly hard for those who are homeless, have family problems or feel depressed or unhappy, to feel like they standing by as everyone is opening presents, eating nice food and enjoying time with their friends and family.

This can make Christmas feel like the worst time of year and leave many young people feeling like they have nowhere to turn. That’s why it’s so important for Get Connected to be open over the holiday period so those young people have a supportive, listening ear to help them through a really tough time.”

Hear, hear. And long may our work continue! We’ll be merging with YouthNet in the New Year, and the combination of our support service with their great digital content and platforms will mean we can support so many more young people each year.

Remember, if you need us this holiday season, we’re still here for you – by phone, email and web chat. Our web directory is also available 24/7. Between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day we’re open 4pm – 11pm.

This post was originally part of the Get Connected website. YouthNet and Get Connected merged to form The Mix in 2016.


Published on 18-Dec-2015