Amy Murray – My first week at YouthNet

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Amy Murray

Now’s the time of year when students are finishing up their studies, and looking for useful work experience opportunities. We wanted to offer a young person the opportunity to spend two weeks in our office, getting stuck in and learning how a digital youth charity does its stuff!

We put a volunteer role on Do-It and Amy got in touch. After a quick chat about what she wanted from the experience, and what we could offer, she joined the team. Amy has attended training sessions, workshops, chats, contacted volunteers and more. She’s got a knack for writing, so we’ll pass it over to her to give you all the details…

Settling In

It’s fair to say I was nervous to enter the YouthNet team – but 5 days in and I have no idea what I was even nervous about in the first place! There’s nothing I love more than to meet new people, all from different walks of life and with varying personalities and traits – the YouthNet team bring a little bit of everything to the table. Every member of staff has been incredibly lovely, with offers of extra support in other departments as and when I need it. The support of the team have definitely helped me settle in and given me the confidence to take on new tasks, without feeling as if I’m going to let anybody down.

My First Training Workshop

On Tuesday I had the opportunity to attend a relationships training workshop with OnePlusOne. The workshop focused on providing us with an insight into young people’s relationships, and the ways in which YouthNet staff can alter and adapt our discussions with young people online. The workshop demonstrated how to explore ways of handling relationship conflict constructively online, alongside providing us with an insight of how stress can affect relationships. It was an interesting look into understanding how essential it is tailor your conversations about relationships with young people.

Getting Stuck In

This week I’ve also been contacting some of YouthNet’s volunteers to try to get them to attend some of our next co-creation sessions, alongside registering our volunteers onto the BetterImpact database, and contacting all of the London based volunteer centres, so they can advertise our latest opportunities for local residents to be involved in. I’ve also compiled this week’s YouthNet Plus newsletter, which gets sent out to our volunteers and makes them aware of the latest news and events regarding careers and opportunities for young people.

My Last Week

I’m most definitely anticipating my next and final week at YouthNet – as I’ll begin liaising with other teams here, and learning what their roles are in more depth. My next two work experience placements will be centred on the editorial and publishing areas, so hopefully I will get the chance to speak with the lovely editing team to potentially create a few blogs for and develop these skills. I’ll also be attending one of the new marketing and digital workshops called Job Squad, looking into how YouthNet’s digital tools and services are developed and formed alongside some of our great volunteers.

A Little About Me

I was lucky enough to have been given this incredible opportunity as I have a desire to work in the charity sector once I graduate in 2016.

I’m currently 22 and have just reached the end of an emotionally grueling, but wonderful second year studying an English Literature degree. After many years of not having a career goal in mind and feeling very much in limbo, my heart has particularly rested on the idea of entering the charity sector once I graduate, mostly due to wanting to give something back to the world and help others in need. I write my own blog that centres on mental health, based on past experience and have volunteered for and contributed to numerous youth mental health charities.


Published on 15-Jul-2015