My summer at The Mix

Morgan has worked as a Marketing and Events Intern for the last eight weeks. She tells us about her experience and what she learnt at The Mix.

The Mix Staff

My journey to The Mix started when I was 21, looking for an opportunity to enjoy the summer break before my final year of university. I wanted a real adventure so I thought why not leave the country? I chose to leave home in Ohio, USA, and travel over 4,000 miles to take in the always lively city of London and intern for The Mix. I had never travelled too far alone, so leaving all my friends and family for two months was pretty terrifying.

Looking back at my time spent at The Mix though, I would definitely do it all again. The Mix has not only helped shape me as an individual to become more independent, it’s also helped me realise what I want to do in the world. Before starting at The Mix I knew I wanted to be a part of a charity. After completing my internship with The Mix, I’ve realised after I complete my time at school, I want to get back into being a part of something bigger. To seek to find a place where I can work to help better others. To me, the most meaningful job I could ever have is one where I’m helping others everyday better themselves and live a better life.

Though I was only a part of the team for a short time, I truly felt like a part of the charity. During my time there I was able to see the authenticity of The Mix, which came out in the ways they worked together to help their users. The world is full of businesses and organisations that don’t always mean what they say; I’m happy to say The Mix isn’t like this. The staff care about their users and truly want to make a difference. The people I worked with were some of the kindest, genuine and funniest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. The day to day effort every single person puts in to keep the charity thriving is astounding.

The Mix was able to give me opportunities I don’t think I could have found back home in the US, where an internship can often see you being relegated to the role of ‘maid’ or personal assistant. Most interns just make the copies, answer the phones or go on coffee runs. During my internship I was challenged and was able to freely ask for help. When I’m asked what the best part of my internship was, it was that I actually got to do things. I was able to brand images, update our social media platforms, plan volunteer events and help promote the charity. I also went to the British Style Collective in Liverpool to promote The Mix, which was an amazing and exciting opportunity.

My summer with The Mix was one I would love to experience again because I was lucky enough to be surrounded by and learn from great people every day. I got to see the inner workings of a charity (something few people get to witness). To best describe The Mix, I would say it’s like a large family. There’s laughter, honesty, compassion but above everything, there’s always friendship.

This summer I was able to do many things during my time at The Mix, I could make this blog a hundred pages long. I wish I could write every little detail about my time here. I never thought saying goodbye to everyone here would be a challenge for me, but it is. They’re the ones I’ve gotten to know while I was in London and its crazy I’ll go back home straight into my final year at university and not see them every week. If anyone is ever presented with an opportunity to work with The Mix, whether it’s volunteering, an internship or a full-time position, I would say take it. Through the friendships and experiences you’ll have, it’s something you’ll never regret.


Published on 10-Aug-2017