Volunteers’ Week: Sharing our stories

To celebrate Volunteers Week (1 to 7 June) we asked some of amazing YouthNet volunteers to share their thoughts on why they volunteer.

The Mix Staff

Here’s Lauren’s blog…

My name’s Lauren, I’ve attended a weekender with YouthNet working on a mobile app for handling stress and I also help out on the boards on TheSite, something I began back in January however despite beginning 4 months back it hasn’t taken hours and hours of my life away. The boards are where topics are discussed and advice given, its similar to meeting a friend for coffee as you’re engaging with real people who perhaps want support or just a good movie recommendation. Where its all online there’s no pressure to contribute where you don’t feel comfortable or don’t have the time.

I went for it because being a college student I feel now is the time to begin giving back, I’m at the stage I can look after myself but am not yet living alone and facing a mountain of responsibilities; I have the time and should give some up for others.

Skill-wise I’d say I’ve gained the ability to distance myself (not get too attached to those I’ve just met) while putting myself in their shoes at the same time therefore allowing me to compassionately provide advice where I can. I’ve not done any voluntary work before YouthNet and found it was a very nurturing place to start as I never felt alone or unable to do anything.

Our thanks to Lauren for her blog and continued support. YouthNet works with 263 volunteers who support us in all areas of our services. If you’re interested in volunteering with us, take a look at our current opportunities or get in touch via [email protected]




Published on 02-Jun-2014