Loneliness in London

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Young girl sits on the ground with her back to a wall looking afraid

We know that loneliness can have a big effect on both physical and mental health, so we’re looking for ways to help. While most people think of loneliness and think of older people, we know that just as many young people feel lonely too. It could be just sometimes, or it could be all of the time, but it seems to be worse in big cities like London.

We think it’s important to try to find out why, so we would like to ask young people who have experienced loneliness at some point to share their experiences. We are working with an organisation called ACEVO to gather evidence from 16-25 suffering with loneliness who live in London or Greater London, which we can use to help young people in similar situations.

While this project is focusing on London, we are keen to hear a wide range of views. By sharing your personal experience, you will help form recommendations for tackling loneliness amongst young people.

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Published on 25-Sep-2015