Reviewing the digital landscape

YouthNet launches a new 'Apps and Tools' section that gives young people an opportunity to express their views on the digital support that's worth downloading.

Sau Pang
Head of Digital Delivery
Apps and Tools page

Reaching the online generation

YouthNet was created to help young people through the difficult stages in their lives. Whether that’s leaving home or understanding the different types of STIs, it’s important to have access to information and support when they need it.

We understand the importance of preventative support – especially when on the ground help is not always available. So recently, as part of the Foyer Federation Healthy Conversation Framework, we carried out research of our current digital wellbeing landscape for young people.

The power of digital

Digital services that are available 24/7, offer anonymity, and are free for users play a key role in delivering support. As a result, government agencies, health providers and third sector organisations have increasingly looked to digital to deliver enhanced support around health and welfare.

During our research, we discovered there are countless digital tools out there that help individuals manage their wellbeing, but not many of these are targeted specifically for young people.

For us, providing digital products that can specifically help young people with their wellbeing is of paramount importance.

Recommended by young people

We’re aware that the digital landscape is always changing: what’s available now might not be available tomorrow. It can also be minefield trying to work out which app is actually useful.

Our new ‘Apps and Tools Review’ section on takes away this confusion. We review the best apps and tools, and then give young people an opportunity to rate and write their own reviews so they can share their experience of the product.

As young people are at the heart of what we do we wanted to give them a voice through our services. And what could be more useful than honest reviews by young people for young people?

It’s live!

Why not head over to and take a look for yourself? Whether you’re looking for yourself or young people in your network, our tools are easy to use and available through a range of platforms. Please feel free to leave us feedback, as we aim to keep perfecting our services to offer the best support possible.


Published on 29-Oct-2015