The Mix & Student Space launch a new campaign to support students with exam stress

Holly Turner (she/her)
Senior Content & Communications Manager
A young person is on their laptop and holding a phone. The caption above reads "Students, you deserve space"

The Mix has teamed up with Student Space to offer students a lifeline of support and motivation during the final weeks of exams

This brand-new campaign targeting university students launches on 1st June and will last for two weeks. It has been planned as a response to insights from students, who have told The Mix and Student Minds that they’re struggling to stay motivated after such a difficult year.  

The pandemic has really taken its toll on students’ mental health, with many finding  online learning a struggle. Loneliness is also a big issue, in a year where making connections with others has been challenging. The Mix’s research has shown that students are finding it difficult to keep up the momentum of revision when they are feeling isolated and uncertain about the future. 

The aim of the campaign is to provide an empowering and motivational message, reminding students that they’re not alone and that both The Mix and Student Space have support services and helpful resources to get them through their exams, and to help them look after their mental wellbeing. 

The Mix

The Mix offers a range of free and confidential support for under 25s, including a moderated online community space, a counselling service and a 24-hour crisis text line. Students can get in touch here and talk about exam stress, or anything else that’s on their minds.

The Mix will be launching a student-led social media campaign, an expert Q&A on studying tips (hosted on their peer-led community), new student-focused video content and an outreach campaign led by their Youth Reps, a group of young leaders.

The Mix will also offer lots of resource guides with helpful tips and advice on coping with exams:

Student Space

Student Space is a platform dedicated to helping students find the support they need during the pandemic. Supporting student mental health and has been set up in response to the impact of the pandemic on students across the UK. The platform is run by Student Minds and has a dedicated student helpline, delivered in partnership with The Mix’s support services. 

Student Space supports students’ mental health through: 

Student Space will be supporting the campaign by sharing Student Spaces and The Mix’s resources on their own channels, starting student-led conversations on social and directing students to support services. 


Published on 01-Jun-2021

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