The Mix and Gymshark are launching a partnership to support young people’s mental health

The Mix Staff
Three young people are jumping in the air holding their phones. The clouds above them say "Gymshark" and "The Mix"

The Mix and Gymshark are working together to prioritise mental health

The Mix charity are excited to announce a new partnership with the conditioning and sportswear brand, Gymshark. The Mix will play an integral role in Gymshark Deload, an innovative mental health initiative, which encourages young people to focus on their mental as well as their physical wellbeing. It will offer content, stories and advice from wellbeing experts and medical professionals, as well as positive information, guidance and access to The Mix’s online group chats.

How does this partnership support the work The Mix does?

Because of the additional funding raised via this partnership, The Mix has been able to extend its online group chats from five to seven days pers week, allowing them to reach even more young people who are in need of support.

By offering the chat service through Gymshark Deload, the Mix are also able to engage a whole new community of young people, which increases awareness of their services and allows them to address important issues around body image and masculinity.

Through being included in Gymshark’s announcements and updates on social media, The Mix are able to raise awareness of their work with Gymshark’s 4.5 million followers and therefore reach and offer support to a brand-new community.

What are the group chats for?

The Mix’s group chats run every night from 8-9pm and offer conversation about everything and anything – no topic is out of bounds. There are different options available depending on what a young person might need, so you can join the Support Chat if you’re looking for some specific advice, or the General Chat, if you just want to connect with others.

Users can join conversations on a range of different topics, including anxiety, self-esteem and body positivity. There are also special themed chats for different groups, such as young carers.


Published on 15-Jun-2020

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