The Mix’s #SexTakeover on BBC Radio 5 Live

The Mix Staff

On Tuesday 20th November, The Mix participated in the UK’s biggest conversation about sex on BBC Radio 5 Live. This was hosted by 5 Live’s Anne Foster at Sunderland’s National Glass Centre, with co-hosts Vicky Pattison, Munroe Bergdorf and Dr Christian Jessen.

You can listen back to the programme on BBC iPlayer here, to hear discussions on everything and anything sex related! From how to do sex well and talk about it healthily, sexting to STIs, porn to sex ed, consent to cheating, good sex, no sex, bad sex and how we can all become a bit more open and confident when it comes to our sex lives..!

According to a ComRes poll…

  • Half of British adults say their school sex education did not prepare them for their sex life, and a further quarter only felt ‘a little’ prepared.
  • With Brexit on all of our minds at the minute, the survey asked if politics plays a role in who we choose to have a sexual relationship with. Only 59% of people say they would sleep with someone with differing political views to their their own.
  • Despite our reputation in the UK for being buttoned up, the survey found 58% of adult Brits are generally confident about their sexual performance, and half of those surveyed (52%) said they are satisfied with their sex life.
  • 5 Live also asked people to talk about what stands in the way of their sex life. Stress is the biggest issue, with nearly half (45%) of Brits admitting stress has a negative impact on their sex life. Around a quarter blamed mental health (26%) as having a negative impact and one in five (20%) said having kids was bad for their sex life.
  • Women and men have very different views on what counts as cheating on a partner, a new survey for BBC Radio 5 Live has found. Three quarters of women consider paying for an online experience such as cyber sex or kissing someone other than your partner to be cheating (75% and 73% respectively). But only half of men said the same (50% and 51% respectively).
  • And more ninety percent of British adults (91%) say they would consider having sex with someone other than their partner to be cheating but only forty percent of Brits say they would consider browsing on a dating app to be cheating.

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Published on 21-Nov-2018

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