Young People Are Ready To Be Heard

Françoise Facella
Communications & Events

On Friday, The Mix woke to an uncertain election, resulting in a hung parliament and a potential coalition government.

The results showed that the eight weeks of campaigning struck a chord with the public, who went out of their ways to make their voice heard. The Mix has been working with partners to encourage young people to vote and the record turnout of 68.7% showed the impact this has had. The 2017 General Election will be remembered as the political event that made young people vote.

On Friday morning, The Mix took to the streets of London to ask young people what they thought of the results, and to gauge the mood of a generation. The young people we met said they were “proud” and “excited” to see so many young people turning out to vote. However, they also felt “disappointed” and “confused” by the results.

In early June, The Mix held a live stream panel for young people to express their point of views, fears and hopes on the General Election. The young people we heard were extremely passionate about the elections and urged anyone watching to go to the polling station on 8th June.

Our Twitter and Facebook polls, launched on Thursday morning, also predicted that young people were keen to have their voices heard with 97% planning to vote.

Zoe Bailie, Director of Brand and Innovation at The Mix, says: “It’s been fantastic to see a surge of political engagement from young people. Its shows that young people are interested in politics and in taking action for their future. At The Mix, we’ve seen many conversations happening in our community about politics. This election’s results have proven to young people that, if they go out and vote, they can make a difference. If the momentum is maintained, politicians will have no choice but to listen to the young voices who are now shouting out to be heard.”



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Published on 13-Jun-2017