YouthNet supports YoungMinds call for better mental health and wellbeing for young people

The Mix Staff

YouthNet are supporting the campaign for better mental health and wellbeing for young people, following research released by YoungMinds this morning that one third of children and young people don’t know where to turn to get help when they feel depressed or anxious.

YouthNet CEO, Emma Thomas said: “Making sounds choices amidst the chaos of life can be isolating, confusing and, at times, terrifying and it’s so vital that young people have access to trusted support and information in a style that they can relate to.

Through our work in this area we’ve heard some amazing stories from young people who, with the right support, have been able to come through their challenges and be an inspiration to others. It’s clear that more needs to be done- that’s why we aim to reach 1.6 million young people each year by 2016, more than any other youth charity, and why we are also today signing up to support YoungMinds in their campaign for better mental health and wellbeing for young people.”

YouthNet provide a range of information and support for young people experiencing mental health challenges through online service, TheSite. This includes information on helping young people to distinguish their feelings, talk about what they’re going through and better understand the approaches of mental health professionals to help empower young people to get support and demand the right treatment.


Published on 20-Jan-2014