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Françoise Facella
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Young people looking at their phone or tablet

We create all day long over here at The Mix but we know that without you it could all get a little boring. Rather than listening to us harp on all day long, if you are under 25 why not share your wisdom on everything from self-care to substance abuse with the world.

At The Mix we have over nine million worldwide visitors to our website each year, with two million of them being in the UK, looking for information and advice. We also have thousands of followers on our social media pages.

As a writer or film maker for The Mix you can help thousands of people with your views, stories, experiences and knowledge on a platform that promotes positive wellbeing and confidence in under 25s.

If you’ve got a story to share on The Mix we’d love to hear from you.

We have editorial staff and a multimedia team that are here to help, so please contact us early and we can support you with your creation. To get in touch or to submit your piece contact [email protected].


  • Let your personality shine in your writing or filmmaking – be honest and authentic
  • We welcome edgy topics, but please don’t resort to shock tactics
  • If you wouldn’t say something to someone’s face don’t put it in your film or writing
  • The Mix offers advice and support on many issues under 25s face – remember your piece should always provide a service to your reader or viewer
  • Please proof your piece before submission, we have staff that will also look at it before it is published and will send you feedback so don’t panic if you are not a grammar whiz
  • All submissions must be original content that you own the rights to including image right
  • Please fact check your piece – provide sources of information if you’re quoting another source

Where will my piece be published?

Articles will be published on either the Blog or Your Voices section of The Mix. Articles may also be shared on our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Films will be uploaded to our YouTube channel and will also be published on either the Blog or Your Voices section of The Mix ands shared via our social media channels.

Please note: No articles that contain explicit product promotion or that visitors to our site might find offensive will be published. We don’t pay for contributions to The Mix site.


Published on 09-Oct-2017