Support our mental health services

Chris Martin (he/him)
Chief Executive Officer

World Mental Health Day is a sharp point of focus to reflect on the unprecedented challenge our young people face around their mental health. We know that one in four young people will be affected by poor mental health causing misery to them and their families. We also know our clinical services cannot cope and that young people face long waiting lists and a quarter of referrals will be rejected.

The reasons for this rise in poor mental health are complex, but the fact remains we must do more now to support young people who are struggling to cope, recover and to achieve their future potential.

So, what can you do to help?

I am asking you to donate to The Mix.

Our charity provides life changing support to young people across the UK over the phone, on the web and through 1-2-1 telephone counselling. We are the first place many young people turn to when they have no one else to talk to and nowhere else to go. Every day our team deal with young people who suffer from depression, anxiety and eating disorders. Many turn to self-harm as a way of coping. We call two ambulances a day for suicidal young people who are at active risk of losing their life.

The work of The Mix is the lifeline to many young people and their families. Our services are free for all young people, but they are not free to run. We receive no direct government support and our work depends entirely on your donations.

£5 allows The Mix to talk with a young person in crisis via text

£15 helps a group of young people to support each other on our discussion boards

£25 means a young person can receive invaluable signposting via The Mix’s web chat service

The Mix is ready to do more but we desperately need your help to do it.

Please use this link to donate.

The process is easy and secure.

Share this appeal with anyone you know who wants to make a positive change in young people’s mental health.

On behalf of our dedicated staff and volunteers at The Mix, I thank you for your support


Published on 10-Oct-2018