The Mix partners with Facebook to help families talk about tech use

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Empowering young people to start conversations about tech use

The Mix has worked in partnership with Facebook and Parent Zone to launch a brand-new digital toolkit which will be used to help families talk about the way they use tech.

Young people and their parents often disagree and sometimes fall out over how technology should be used. Issues such as how much time young people spend on social media, playing video games or communicating with friends can be a point of tension. There are also issues that arise from how parents are using tech which can make young people feel frustrated.

The toolkit has been designed by both young people and parents and it’s full of tips and interactive activities which will help facilitate those sometimes tricky conversations. The Mix wants to help young people initiate and take control of those conversations within their family.

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Zoe Bailie, Director of Brand and Development at The Mix, says:

“Collaborating with Facebook and Parent Zone on the ‘Your Digital Families’ project is really exciting. At The Mix we know that young people want to start the crucial conversations with their families about the role of tech rather than feeling forced into it. 

Living through lockdown has shown us how essential technology and social media are to keeping young people connected and for maintaining their mental health and wellbeing, and yet there is often a disconnect in the way parents and young people communicate with each other about tech use.

This project and the tool kit we have produced will give families the chance to understand each other’s use of digital, help them to improve their relationships with technology and potentially learn new ways to communicate with each other. We are hugely grateful to Facebook for their support and innovation in this project.”

The Mix also has a range of support for young people when it comes to using tech in a healthy and positive way. As well as a support team who are there to talk about any issue young people are facing, The Mix also has articles and video content which represent young people’s perspectives on tech use and offer guidance on how to stay safe and happy online.

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Published on 15-Sep-2020

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