The Mix launches a new fundraising campaign to keep vital services running for young people

The Mix Staff
A young man is on his laptop and the text next to him reads: "Space to breathe"

Space to breathe 

Leading digital youth charity, The Mixis launching “Space To Breathe,” a brand-new fundraising campaign via JustGiving, to encourage individual donations. We desperately need to keep our life-saving services running for young people, giving them space to breathe and seek support at this incredibly difficult time.  

Why is this campaign so important? 

The Mix’s services have witnessed how anxious, isolated and scared so many young people are right now, missing the structure of school, university, or work and without access to the support of the youth and health services they rely on every day.  

Many are already struggling with mental health issues or complex home lives, which are made even more challenging by the lockdown restrictions. 

Quotes from The Mix service users: 

“All I wanted was to die. I have no idea what I’m doing in my life… I just wanted it all to end. I don’t know what I would have done tonight if I hadn’t found you.” 

“School was the only stable thing in my life and now I’m worried because they’ve been closed. I’ve lost the only place I felt safe and I’m anxious about what’s going to happen with my exams. Everything’s changing too quickly and I don’t know if I can cope.” 

Parents and carers are under huge pressure and may struggle to know how to help, but The Mix understand young people, and offer a lifeline for under 25s and their families.  

All services are free, confidential and open to any young person who is suffering, so they really can provide a sense of hope. When it seems like there’s nowhere else to turn, we can provide just-in-time, life-saving support.  

Chris Martin, CEO at The Mix, says: 

“Coronavirus has meant the daily companionship of friends and expert support from schools and youth clubs that is so vital to maintaining young people’s mental health has disappeared overnight. We are seeing a frightening rise in contacts from young people overwhelmed by anxiety magnified by suffocating effects of isolation especially the most vulnerable. 

As a digital charity, The Mix is absolutely unique in its ability to respond to this crisis at scale. We can reach young people 24 hours a day, in their homes, but we desperately need the help of our supporters to grow our services fast. Help us give young people the space they need to breathe.” 

How to donate 

 The Mix are requesting donations of three different price points, which are the equivalent of everyday costs someone is unlikely to be paying right now: 

  • Just £3 per month (the cost of a coffee) will pay for five young people to get life-saving support on The Mix’s site 
  • With only £15 per month (the cost of a meal out) you can provide a week of training for a volunteer 
  • Donating just £30 (the price of a monthly gym membership) will pay for our online group chats to be run for a day 

Donate here via JustGiving to keep The Mix’s essential services running and give young people space to breathe and seek support at this difficult time. 



Published on 30-Mar-2020

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