New report shows 16 – 17 year olds at greatest risk of sex crimes

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Caroline on Sky News

Caroline on Sky News

A new report from The Children’s Society has highlighted that older teenagers are at the most risk of rape and sexual abuse, and yet they are less likely to report these crimes as they feat being judged or don’t have confidence in the legal system, with just two out of ten cases which go to court reaching a conviction.

Caroline Price, Head of Services at Get Connected, appeared on Sky News this morning to discuss why this age group find themselves in such a vulnerable position and what can be done to support them.

Caroline says: “This age group find themselves in a transition period between being a child and being an adult, and it can be difficult for them to negotiate some of the situations they find themselves in. Support services for young people are also squeezed for this age group, making it difficult for them to find help they trust when they do need it.”

The report also highlights that young people may not feel that what they have experienced is ‘worth reporting’, showing a greater need for education around what constitutes rape or a sexual assault.

Get Connected has seen around a 10% drop in young people aged 16-17 talking about rape or sexual abuse over the last three years, despite roughly the same number of young people contacting the service about these issues overall.

Caroline says: “It’s important that young people understand that there is help and support out there for them, places they can reach out to without fear of judgement and where they can work through what they’ve experienced to get their confidence back. We would always encourage someone who has experienced a sexual assault to contact the authorities, but if you need help and support from Get Connected, we’re here every day of the year.”

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Published on 04-Nov-2015