The Mix launches #GramFam

Charlie Duffield

With A-Level results announced this Thursday, students across the country are gearing themselves up for this intensely stressful time.

To tackle and help improve student mental health, a host of celebs and influencers including Reggie Yates, James McVey from The Vamps, comedian Jack Rooke, studygrammer Ruby Granger and Love Island’s Dr Alex George have teamed up with charities CALM and The Mix to launch #GramFam – an Instazine series aimed at supporting teen mental health.

On Tuesday 14th August, The Mix (@themixuk)  and CALM (@calmzone), featuring a host of content from different influencers, including inspiring videos and messages, life advice, and handy tips on how to manage exam results if things don’t quite go to plan.

With student mental health a growing concern among both parents and young people themselves, we hope this Instazine will be on great interest to your readers this week!

From exams worries, to coping with living away from home for the first time, many students are already turning to Instagram to find communities of support, from #studygrammers offering tips and advice for revision, to positivity trends such as #acneisnormal. #GramFam aims to encourage even more young people to join in conversations around mental health and to ask for help when they need support and motivation.

Chris Martin, CEO at The Mix says: ‘For many young people, being a student is an exciting experience, but they can also face lots of challenges especially around exam results period. Sadly, we have seen a shocking rise among students reporting poor mental health where such challenges become an overwhelming source of anxiety and sometimes even suicidal thoughts. The Mix is excited to be working with CALM to create #GramFam on Instagram. We want to bring together students, influencers and experts to create a positive community that works together to promote good mental health ,whatever a young person is facing.’

The first in the #GramFam zine series, the Results #GramFam zine includes contribution from:

  • Reggie Yates (@regyates)- Documentarian Reggie shares his personal experience of following multiple paths to find his success
  • James McVey (@jamesmcvey)- Gives his advice on how to channel nervous energy into something positive
  • Dr Alex George (@dralexgeorge)- Love Island star discusses anxiety and reflects on how he coped with exam stress
  • Ruby Granger (@_rubygranger)- Teen “studygrammer” Ruby shares advice on those students can turn to for support
  • Hussain Manawer (@hussains_house) – Poet Hussain Manawer discusses why there is no wrong path to success
  • Neev Spencer (@neevofficial)- Kiss Radio DJ Neve shares her ultimate pre and post results playlist
  • Eve Bennett (@evebennettxx) – Lifestyle influencer Eve explains how the path to success isn’t just one track, but many
  • Molly Fleming (@beauty_spectrum) – Beauty and fashion vlogger Molly shares her top tips on staying calm before Results Day
  • Jade Bowler (@unjadedjade) – Life and academic advice vlogger Jade explains how her family support her always
  • Jack Rooke (@jackdaverooke) – Comedian Jack shares his results successes and setbacks, and we are not talking about exams!

Head over to The Mix’s Instagram channel to see the full instazine.

The #GramFam zine series will consist of five zines, each focused around key moments in the academic calendar. The next zine will be released to coincide with Freshers.

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Published on 14-Aug-2018