Ollie Drackford
Head of Marcoms

As the research and concept development phase of our employability project begins to simmer down, ready for a quiet development period, we thought it would be a good time to showcase our findings so far. For our latest Cycle of Innovation event we brought together the two project groups, Project Magenta and Job Squad, YouthNet and O2 staff and a range of current and potential partners from across the spectrum.

Throughout the event we encouraged everyone there to tweet their thoughts, as well as having a blast on our own company account. These tweets and retweets not only allow us to see the opinions of the people who were there, but also engage and hear from people who were not invited, creating some good debates and strong insights.

Make sure to use the hashtags #cycleofinnovation and #YNLIVE to get involved with future conversations and debates.

Check out what was said on Storify, here:


Published on 18-Jun-2014