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The Mix Staff
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Here at The Mix, our priority is always the impact that we are having on young people. We know that at a challenging time like this, in which the spread of coronavirus is causing youth and public services to close, it’s more important than ever to consider the support that is in place for our young people. The Mix will remain open, and our online community will provide essential peer-to-peer and expert-led support.

Panic-inducing media headlines and a rapid change in the structure and routine of everyday life can often cause anxiety amongst young people who are already coping with many other issues in their lives. For those young people who are already vulnerable due to existing mental health issues, youth services are more crucial than ever, and that’s why we want to spread the message that The Mix are always here.

Our CEO, Chris Martin, says:

“We have seen a steady rise in the number of young people coming to The Mix who are worried about the effect of Coronavirus. The Mix publishes the latest information for young people and provides invaluable peer support online. We are very aware that as the schools, sport venues and youth clubs where young people normally go are less available, The Mix’s online community and chat services will become a vital lifeline for many. More than ever, we need every young person in the country to know The Mix is there for them online and on mobile, 24 hours a day.”

Our team of experts and trained volunteers are working to provide reassurance, support and advice for any young person who needs it and will continue to do so amidst these challenging circumstances. We want to get the message out that any young person, who needs to talk about anything at all, can head to our discussion boards and find an active community of young people who can help them chat through their worries, signpost to helpful information and find solutions to their problems.

If you know or care for a young person who is struggling, please encourage them to head to The Mix. Our services are free, confidential and open to any young person who needs them:


Published on 13-Mar-2020

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